domino closes

by Grace Bonney

i’ve started this post over about a dozen times and am not quite sure what to say. but domino is officially closed. thoughts?

i’m sitting here wondering what’s going to happen to magazines like this- shelter magazines that appeal to a young, predominantly female audience. i feel like everything else is either too high end or too low end. i know the magazine was far (in some cases very far) from perfect, but i wish there was a way to cut back and keep it. i’ll miss the world of magazines like blueprint and domino, i like my girly fun and i like getting it while flipping through actual pages. man, so sad.

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  • What?? That’s horrible. I don’t understand why it is so hard for the design magazines. I guess websites just make more sense in the 21st century, but I still like being able to look at the visuals and read articles in magazines… at least some of the time.

  • yeah, a guy i know works for the mag and i just got word about the closing.

    will you be able to go on with the blog on your own?

    things are getting scarier every day with lay-offs and companies folding. i hope you’ll be all right!

  • I can’t believe it and I don’t want to believe it. I just said recently that if I had to I would cancel all my magazine subscriptions except for Domino. It is the only one worth it for me. I’ll be very sad :(

  • my heart goes out to those that lost their jobs especially in these difficult times. i’m sure they are all super talented and will land on their feet but these little bumps in the road just really suck.

  • I’m so sad! I had heard the rumors and tried to support them by buying subscriptions for my mother and sister … I agree with you, the magazines like this seem to be dying out and it makes me really sad …

  • Domino was the one shelter magazine left that I got excited about reading… I was worried that this day was coming but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept. Boo.

  • I totally agree, not only does Domino’s closure seem to close an entire market niche, but one that is still buying print magazines! I might be wrong, but young, mostly female, design-focused, shopping-savvy readers seem to be the ones that will ALWAYS prefer a tactile book over the web……

    I haven’t been this heartbroken since they cancelled My So Called Life. I had such high hopes….

  • I’ve been noticing that the issues have been getting thinner and thinner, so I’m not completely surprised. But still, it was such a great product and such a wonderful source of inspiration. What a sad day.

  • I am gonna miss Domino, it was like Christmas every month when I got that magazine. There aren’t many other decorating magazines that you find on the stands with that kind of style. This stinks.

  • Sad but not surprising since it seems to be the trend. I thought it was one of the best along with Cottage Living which recently closed as well. Can’t believe Conde Nast closed it’s doors and kept Architectural Digest open which seems like the dinosaur of design mags to me. There’s was much great talent behind Domino and CL. It will be interesting to see how design mags and design blogs morph in the next few years. Many say blogs are taking over where design mags are leaving off but it’s been the money from mags that produced the gorgeous photos that make their way to the blogosphere.

  • I’m with Heather. I’m sad about Cottage Living as well. And they replaced my subscription with Southern Living. Um, not the same.

  • I am so sad about this! I have every issue printed (as well as blueprint) this is my favorite magazine. They could have upped the sub cost- I’d be willing to pay more than the $12 per year to keep it around.

  • What? Huh? No you can’t be right. It’s OVER? But … but …

    … this was the only magazine that was about *style* as opposed to fashion! It was the only home decor magazine that not only featured the homes of the rich and famous, but the everyday jo(anne) as well! but …

    … WOW. SERIOUSLY sad about this. Seriously.

  • This is the third home design magazine I read that has closed it’s doors in the last 90 days. Two of which got a check for resubscription for me in the days leading up to their closing.

    Add it to the growing list:

    House & Garden
    InStyle Home
    Cottage Living ::sniff::
    O at Home
    Country Home

    Given the state of publishing and the cut in advertising budgets expect more titles to follow suit.

  • Hold the PHONE!

    I just called them and they are NOT closing there doors…and I renewed 2 years for $15! YAY!

  • NO!!! All of the design magazines that I read are no longer! I suppose home design is a luxury in these timess. I hope the folks at domino are able to find other employment.

  • I loved Blueprint when it was out and Domino was a great alternative! What’s going to replace them? This is horrible!

  • I am very saddened by this news… I LOVED Domino and gave a subscription to all my friends. I also miss Blueprint and many others. Wow. Very disappointing.

  • I subscribe to Domino and love it, but the reality is, blogs are the wave of the future for our demographic…

  • Of course I’m so sad but I’m also mad they just auto-renewed my subscription …wonder how many people had this happen & if they will do refunds?

  • Agree with Heather that Architectural Digest is a dinosaur. So uninspired. Domino was the complete opposite. I always felt that it reflected the way that real people with a passion for design, truly live. So disappointed.

  • i was pretty crushed several years ago when budget living closed its’ pages. then i discovered shelteriffic, and they made lemonade out of their lemons… i am sure those folks will rise from the ashes, and become a slipper chair or something.

  • What???!!! I’m soooo bummed. I had no idea! I can’t believe this! I too looked forward every month to finding Domino in my mailbox and have kept every issue since they started.

  • frankly, domino was a huge disappointment. i was glad my subscription was only $10 because it seemed to be about 75% advertisements, 25% content. i just wonder what they’ll try to send me instead.

  • Man, first Budget Living (RIP!), and now this. I honestly can’t believe these magazines can’t make it. How the heck does “Country Sampler” keep poppin’ ’em out? Whhhyyyyyyyy?????

    I’ll be in mourning.

  • The words you wrote are ones I just uttered to my mom. While I enjoy other shelter magazines, this felt like the last one left that showed attainable, real design.

    I am devastated and in complete denial. This will join the ranks of the magazines I’ve mourned losing (Blueprint, Cottage Living, Budget Living…) but this will truly be the one I miss the very most.

  • I can’t believe it – that’s my favorite of all the design mags – what is happening???!!!! I am sooooo disappointed and just saw the list of other mags closing and am equally devastated…

  • although some of the issues have been hit and miss lately, i do love domino and an so, so sad to see it go! my apologies if it has already been mentioned, but does anyone know when the last issue will be?
    p.s. the issue pictured above with ione sky was my absolute favorite–i LOVE her home!

  • NOOOOOOO! this is the one design magazine that I really related to — it had design that I could actually aspire to (instead of, um yeah, maybe after i win the mega lottery).

    This is such a huge disappointment.

  • Sad yes. -However this is to be expected with magazines and newspapers: they’ve been hurting for a while due to the internet.

    With that said, one market’s loss creates opportunities for another: bloggers? Step up and create what you loved about Domino: take excellent photos, write about things that haven’t been covered before!

  • This is disappointing. I enjoyed Domino and Blueprint because they offered what the more established Interior Design mags didn’t – more real-life glimpses of homes that were both inspirational and accessible. The others just always felt like they were for the trade and a very small niche of very rich people…
    Guess I’ll have to pony up for that subscription to UK Elle Decor.

  • So sad. This is the only magazine I subscribe to and I looked forward to it every month, it was such a treat to read (and reread – I’ve saved every issue). I really can’t relate to any of the other home design magazines that are left out there.

  • just found out from joy (via a WWD.com article)! i am super bummed. i love(d) that magazine. i wonder if lucky just going to start featuring homes and home accessories again like they did in the beginning.

  • Im so sad.. This was one of the only magazines I kept renewing my subscription to :-( I’m so sad, all of the magazines I like- Jane, Blueprint, now Domino are disappearing. I wonder if a strengthened economy could mean resurrected magazines in the future?

  • I am very very sad about this. I had heard rumours before Christmas that it wasn’t doing well, but I was hoping they could tough it out. Being in the magazine industry myself makes me panic. Though I had already lost my job before Christmas because Gardening Life (Canadian mag) closed it’s doors and am now just freelancing for the time being. NOT looking promising out there! I will miss my guilty pleasure of girly mag fun….

  • CRAP! i agree with EVERYone else….this truly sucks! domino was my very favorite magazine and i will miss it SOOOOO. : ( what will i look for in the mailbox now? why do all these great magazines close down? how do we stop it from happening?????? so so so sad.

  • Another one bites the dust. Just received official notice that Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion has ceased publication as well.

  • What can we do? Anything? If this many people love it, perhaps there is a way to stop this from happening. Looks like a lot of people are willing to pay more. Let’s save Domino!

  • Horrible news.

    The most frustrating thing is to see the magazine stands stuffed with celebrity trash, bridal mags, fitness magazines that promise to help you lose the same 10 pounds each month and a ridiculous amount of magazines that cater to men. Domino was one of the few publications that highlighted unique design that so many of us wish to see more of.

    Most destressing: I read that their website will also be discontinued. I believe they had one of the best websites for inspiration out there.


  • Truly sad. Domino is my very favorite and Blueprint was my second favorite. And I don’t think anyone’s mentioned M.E.’s Home Companion magazine. It could be a little cheesy, but I loved the features they did on artists and their studios. That’s where I first learned about “the small object”.

  • Grace, you got 63 comments in 30 minutes. You need to contact the editors and tell them this. Maybe it can be like the tv shows that are cancelled to a huge public outcry.

  • When Domino changed their typefaces a few issues ago and the interior page design started to suffer, these were red flags to me that it was not long for this world.

    I am so disappointed. This was my escapism and guilty pleasure! I have every single issue of Domino and was a fan from the beginning.

  • Not shocking. I hated that magazine. it went in the trash every month. There was no useful information in it and was lacking inspiration in my eyes. I really don’t think that actresses can sit there and claim their hobo chic houses were all their design without some type of background in design. They also didn’t focus on the new issues that people are caring about, like being green. At least Dwell has a good mix of the two. And the only people you can blame are bloggers for giving the same information out that mags do, but at a faster rate. I feel bad for the workers who lost their jobs.

  • I read they were closing, did not want to believe it…..
    There is no other magazine like it, even though it has been coming thinner the last issues.
    Hope a new alternative comes out soon, I can not believe all that talent will be wasted. Hope I don’t get Arch. digest. I hate that magazine.

  • It is sad to see this happen–but I believe that once the economy bounces back–as it must–we shall see more mags like this start up….and we must support them by buying them (if we like them). I am currently unemployed,but I just renewed 2 of my favorite craft magazines because I would hate to see them meet this same fate…

  • I was sooo excited when Domino first started. My favorite part of Lucky was always the home decorating section in the back. I will admit, though, that I cancelled my subscription earlier this year. I just didn’t have time to look at it carefully and I felt like I was wasting paper. It was either cancel Domino or Lucky, and I thought, well, I can always get my design fix from design sponge! I am upset about the demise of print, though. Even the New York Times is in trouble! What really worries me is the whole Kindle phenomenon. I do not want to ever read a novel on a machine!!!

  • While it’s all been said before, I agree that this is incredably sad. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that needs to be in print and not on the web – it appeals to tactile people, people who are on the go and want to take something with them. I just hope I don’t end up with Lucky mag – I’ve just never been as into clothes and makeup design. It’s really, really dissappointing.

  • total bummer – this has happened to 3 other mags I subscribed to. I was just about to renew too. At least I won’t be saddled with a lame substitute.

  • Grace…I am seriously broken about this sad, sad news! I just don’t get it?!! All these home mags (but especially Blueprint & Domino) closing down is so depressing. And, while I’m repeating myself here, I don’t understand how magazines like “Field & Stream” and “Cat Fancy” are chugging right along?!! It’s mystifying!!!

  • this is so sad. I too think that all these shelter magazine closures are leaving a large hole in the market (and a lot of writers etc… out of work). Hopefully new mags will pop up on the economic upswing.

  • :(. It was such a beautiful magazine. I am glad I found out here, though, rather than through mediabistro in the morning. I hate it too me this long to find the real quality magazines out there because now they all seem to be going away. It seems there are still readers, just not advertisers willing to pay for their eyes.

  • thank goodness we still have the lovely ‘online magazines’ known as “blogs” which keep our decor-inspirations fed. Keep up the good work, because you’re the only magazine I need, baby!

  • Oh, I am so sad. I drew so much inspiration from Domino. From decorating my own home, to my stationery designs, even my tradeshow booth designs were inspired by this magazine.

  • You said it! Domino catered to a fabulous demographic, the middle class, 20s-40s ish woman who might be as likely to splurge on an item, as to buy it at a yard sale and refurbish it herself. It’s a shame that we now have only magazines that cater to women who have a higher budge.

  • I, too, am completely heartbroken! So, what happens to us loyal subscribers with 9 months of issues paid up?

  • So sad and such great people worked there too. I adored the magazine and thought it was a much needed shelter title – fun and fashiony and not too serious.

  • I love the blogosphere and am a blogger myself but there is no comparison between reading something on a computer screen and curling up with a good magazine or a book.

    I agree that blogs can provide inspiring content ( design*sponge is one of the best). However, no blog will be able to fill the void left behind in my life when a good magazine goes under.

  • I’m not terribly surprised. Looking at my own viewing habits over the last 6 months, the only shelter mag I still subscribe to is MetHome. And you should SEE the latest issue–it’s a shadow if itself! So… how long before MetHome goes down?

  • Huh?? I just (finally) got my subscription after ghosting the website for the longest time! Such a sad day! They say nothing of this on their website that I’ve seen though. :-(

  • I was crushed when Cottage Living shut down, and it seems to go on and on. I loved receiving my favorite magazines in the mail and my quiet time going through them and making plans. It certainly is a travesty. What a sad time we live in when really fabulous and inspirational magazines aren’t able to survive.

  • This is so sad because it’s been one of my favorites but also something I and a lot of other small biz’s hoped to see tehmselves on one day :(

  • NO! This is terrible news! I’m a designer for a small firm in Rosemary Beach, Florida. We tear pages of ideas from every issue we get. So sad to hear this news!

  • grace- can you ask eventually if they plan on at least keeping it running with blog or something, this is devastating. There’s not another magazine like it.

  • i don’t think there’s any saving domino. i wondered that about HG when i worked there but no dice. conde nast is pretty strict about this stuff so i think it’s game over.

    i just wish they were keeping the site. im so bummed to see my column and everyone else’s hard work there disappear.

  • that is sad! it was my favorite magazine too! they always has such great ideas. it was always beautifully designed with unique typography.

  • Because this week hasn’t been bad enough already. Ugh.

    I finally find a design magazine that I like, that’s relevant, that actually showcases things I’d like to do in my own home, and it goes bust.

    And as much as it sucks for everyone who read it, it’s worse for the employees. I hope everyone at the Domino office is doing ok.

  • I was just getting ready to cut up all my back issues and now I don’t have the heart. Blueprint, Domino, Cottage Living… where do I get my inspiration from now?

  • So why no announcement on their web site? Do they want people to find out only when some hideous replacement mag shows up in the mail?

  • Don’t be sad for the Domino Employees and Freelancers. They haven’t got it half as bad as these girls do:

  • This is so heartbreaking. I too, own every issue. Out of all my magazine subscriptions, I especially looked forward to Domino. What a sad day!

  • alix

    the staff only found out an hour or two ago. i’m sure something will be on the site soon but things like that are carefully worded by the editor-in-chief so you’ll probably see one in a day or two.

  • Oh no! Domino was my go-to guide when I needed inspiration to do or redo parts of my place, and gave me accessible ideas that were actually do-able, unlike other mags out there.

    I’m stunned and so sad.

  • I am so sad that this wonderful publication closed. I looked forward to flipping through pages and pages of their fabulous finds! It scares me that advertising has gone so far in to web that we are now missing out on our prints publications. Sad :(

  • I’m sooooo sad:( I just renewed my subsrciption and gave a few as gifts for x-mas. What now? Grace, do you know how many issues left? I always secretly wanted to work there, am so disappointed:(

  • DE-VA-STATED! you don’t understand, i look forward to Domino every month. it is like a gift in the mail, like candy. SOOOO SAD!

  • I am so sad, even though I did not always agree with what they did it was so often interesting. I freelanced for them so of course am sad about that- first Country Home and now Domino- will there be any work for Stylists left??
    Also my sister in law worked there and is now out of a job.

  • denise

    normally the staff is last to know, other than readers of course. when i was at HG we found out really, really suddenly but it looks like the decision came down the night before. since WWD broke this earlier this morning i’m guessing it happened early this morning or late last night.

  • Oh no! Such sad news.
    I looked forward to buying this magazine every time I went to the States.
    There’s nothing that can replace its fresh, clean, fun outlook.

  • i am so bummed! what is this world coming to? this was truly my favorite mag – i look forward to it every month! ugh. so sorry to hear this news.

  • i don’t know how surprised i am. at the end, Domino was filled with ads and kind of a bummer. i’ve been disappointed with it for the past 10 months.
    best of luck to all those who lost their jobs.

  • I’m crushed! This has been my absolute favorite magazine for years. It was the first shelter mag I read that offered an attainable image.

  • So true about Architectural Digest and Southern Living. It doesnt make any sense that all the magazines that cater to style on a budget are closing, and the publishers are keeping the magazines that feature luxury homes. You’d think that there would be more of a demand for the “cottage”, dyi lifestyle. Isnt that what we’ve all been living, and hearing?

    They seem out of step with the marketplace.

    I am so so sad. Cottage Living too! Crapola.

  • I am very disappointed. That is the toughest thing about this economy — that good businesses that are not very well-funded yet, can’t quite survive. We’ll have to go to blogs like this to get our inspiration!

  • NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    honestly, grace, i’m with you 100%. i can’t understand why these hip shelter mags can’t stick it out – it’s so frustrating. domino was the happiest subscription to hit my mailbox every month…this is really, really unfortunate.

  • Please say this isn’t so! My entire office just stopped so we could mourn this terrible news. Domino, and yes Blueprint (RIP) were my FAVORITE magazines of all time. Constantly inspiring my work and designs. This is very discouraging. I wish there was something we could do. :(

  • The staff just found out this morning – what a loss. Like Cottage living, a great home mag with great ideas. WHat do we read now?

  • NOOOOOOO! This is my favorite magazine….I’m a designer and always get so much inspiration from their stories. I’m growing tired of all this bad news,

  • To echo everyone else’s remarks on here, this is truly sad news. Devastating, really. Especially about the website – why can’t they at least somehow keep that up and running? What will happen with my all my carefully crafted deco files? My thoughts are with all those that just lost their jobs. Scary times indeed.

  • This is terrible news! I also read design blogs, but LOVED, LOVED, LOVED getting the real thing in the mail. This is so depressing. I just read that they have 800,000 subscribers! Doesn’t that seem like a lot? What if everyone paid 30 bucks for a subscription rather 10 or 12? Wouldn’t that help???

  • It’s just one after another now. I can’t tell you how much we look forward to our design/decor/home magazine for future inspiration, what will we do now? They are dropping like flies and I am not happy about it… at all!!!!!!!

    So sad:(

  • ultimately what i wish is that there was a way for conde nast and other large pubs to change the way they make magazines. cut staffs down to smaller sized, do away with bloated salaries, cut photo budgets down some, and stop financing ridiculous projects and trips that aren’t 100% necessary. i feel like it’s time for the publishing industry to get lean and mean and i wish there was a way to apply a new method to magazine making before they cut a pub that had a lot of potential to grow and change into a really great magazine.

  • I’m pretty sure I can easily say that everyone is devastated.

    I never got the chance to read Domino. I could never find it in Canada. I never really got to read Blueprint either (I found one copy at the airport)… I feel quite bummed because I never got a chance to even enjoy these magazines like many of you.. and believe me, I never stopped looking for them, I even keep my eyes peeled now that I live in the UK (believe me, there’s no good design magazines here).

    I guess we can hope that the people at Domino get jobs with another design mag… for their sakes and ours.

  • This is really too bad. I was not a fan of Domino but was provided with that mag after House & Garden (my all time FAVORITE!) closed its doors. Now, just as I was growing to really like Domino it is now gone too.

  • completely unbelievable. Just wanted to add my comment to the list in hopes that Conde Nast will see how depressing this news is. I just told my in law that I would get her a subscription with my mothers. I just got my mother one! Anybody have any possible replacement recommendations?

  • this is so disappointing. I look forward to Domino every month and find myself reading it several times within any given month. Domino will be greatly missed and this is not a great b-day present.

  • it’s not just design mags… it’s all mags. this one is especially heartbreaking because it was such a good fit for me and so many others. Thank god for the design blogs!

    I wonder, if the recession bounces back, will pubs like Domino and Blueprint come back? Or a different version of a publication?

  • despite everything, i’m surprised and like everyone else here, completely disappointed. also because it’s another lot of people in my profession out of the job. scary. at least i still have living, etc.

  • I am soooo upset! my husband got me a yearly subscription for hanukkah and now I’ll never get it! I’m so upset. I love this magazine! Real Simple is next… I just have a horrible feeling. :(

  • i am a faithful magazine reader – I subscribe to 7-8 magazines a year and over the past few years i have seen one and then another close… Blueprint, Cottage Living (December was there last issue), and now Domino (like many others I just renewed my subscription). grace – if there is nothing we can do to save Domino – what can readers do to help sustain a magazine before they reach this point? and although it is no consultation what magazines are you reading now?

  • Good lord. I had a subscription to blueprint, then it closes down. Then I get a subscription to Domino to fill the void, and IT closes down. Am I just a jinx?

    I think it’s secretly a ploy by Martha Stewart Omnimedia to get us all subscribing to Living. But I’ll be damned if I will…

  • i love to flip through magazines and have some of the first issues of domino. it’s unfortunate that once the advertising starts to slip away so does the magazine. publishers do not make a profit from magazine sales, especially if people read them at the news stand vs. subscribing or purchasing an issue.

    we’re in a very difficult-cycle and as we’re seeing businesses are really interconnected. not only are many people out of jobs at domino, manufacturers have lost a vehicle to promote their products, which helps their sales, thereby funding ad buys at magazines.

  • someone else may have suggested this already ( i didn’t read through the 148 other comments to find out ) but it seems like a great opportunity for you and other talents to start your own fantastic magazine.

  • I never knew much about Domino, but I feel for it’s subscribers. It was quite a let-down receiving Southern Living yesterday instead of Cottage Living. I nearly shed tears as I flipped through the “replacement”.

  • This is pretty dissapointing, if it wasn’t for your site and other design blogs we wouldn’t have a place to see such beautiful features. Magazines like this should be around and I am still heartbroken over Blueprint, especially since it was owned by Martha Stewart and I am sure they could have kept it. Real Simple seems to be doing well, they need to consider this market. You have a large following as well as other design blogs. Maybe you ladies should join forces and start a magazine! :)

  • caroline, you’re right–it’s not just design mags. the economy is affecting everyone in the media, from the nationals down to the local city magazines, and it SUCKS(as someone in the industry, i can say that from personal experience). here’s hoping the economy starts to rebound soon.

    but yes, first blueprint and now domino…terribly sad.

  • I’m surprised and saddened by this. I mean, I heard rumors and read them on D*S, but I was hoping that somehow this would not happen.. It was my favorite interior design magazine and while you’re right, it was far from perfect, it was better than the sleek and polished design magazines out there.

  • Your comment about getting lean and mean sure seems right on the money. I just hate to see more extremely talented people lose their jobs. Domino will be greatly missed!

  • I just loudly said “NO!” at my desk. This is so sad. As a fledgling designer Domino was inspiring. There were options at all price points and they layouts were just gorgeous. I’m so sad!

  • NOOOOO! I can’t believe it – it’s my favorite magazine and I’ve lost so many lately. I got the book for Christmas and I love it – thank goodness they published it before their demise.

  • This was the only mag that i was excited about getting in my mailbox. Couldn’t conde have cut something else first? It ain’t right.
    How about a print media bailout, please?

  • OMG. This is so sad. Definitely my favorite magazine. I would get antsy each month around the time I expected it to come in the mail. I’m buying the book… I was holding off but now there’s no excuse.

  • OK, this just ruined my entire day! I’ve been subscribing since I finished reading the first issue. Does this mean that February was my last issue? How does that work?

    Actually, it makes me think. Maybe print shelter magazines are a thing of the past. Maybe we’ll all be subscribing to blogs, like Design*Sponge to get our design/home styling fix. Not necessarily a bad thing – but I’ll miss Domino.

  • What?! I also just renewed my subsrciption and gave my best friend one too! Well Grace, if there’s anything good that comes from this….all the people that loved reading the magazine will now hopefully come to DS to get decor inspiration (grin). Like everyone else, I’m so sad. I hope the staff at the mag are able to find new jobs soon!

  • my first reaction, which i will share again here – NOOOOOOOOOO!

    grace, i totally agree. it is certainly one of the few mags that i truly enjoyed b/c it really managed to hit that balance between hi and low brow. what a shame. i love the internet as much (or more) than the next girl, but i love nothing more than a good magazine. what a shame. domino was definitely one of the goodies.

  • Wow, that is such a disappointment. I look forward to that magazine every month. So what happens to subscribers? Do you get any of your money back?

  • I can’t believe it! I love Domino and I loved Blueprint as well. What is it going to take to make these magazines survive the publishing wars? Seriously, I’m willing to work in it! So sad- Domino is my favorite magazine right now.

  • It’s such a bummer that the shelter mags are really eating it right now. I’m predicting that ReadyMade won’t last long with either after it’s recent transfer of power. I think all us shelter junkies will just have to rely on Design Sponge for our daily fix!

  • NOOOOOOOOOOO! I just subscribed last year after Blueprint ceased and I’m loving the mag so much. I guess I will have to subscribe to Martha Stewart Living for that inspiration I got from domino. It won’t be the same. Anyone remember ONE? Now that was a fantastic magazine about design.

  • Oh but this can’t be!! I’m so upset! Domino was such a wonderfully creative magazine that inspired me with every issue! Domino will be missed!

  • This is my all time favorite magazine. I have keep every issue for the past 3 years! I’m really going to miss this magazine!!!

  • Did the same thing, Grace, beginning the post over many times before finally deciding to come talk about it here instead. Really is a sad day — was just flipping through the very first issue only yesterday. Sorry to hear about your column :(


  • Just chiming in with sadness. This was my favorite shelter rag also. It was perfect for the 20-30 design-focused and budget-conscious crowd. Sad.

  • I’m really, REALLY sad to see that they’re also closing down the website. I was really hoping they’d at least keep that going.

    Maybe the Domino folks and the old Blueprint folks can get together and start a kick-ass website. Please??

  • wow, this is sad! i’m glad i saved my issues (crinkled & dog-eared as they may be). they’ve always been a good source of inspiration.

    on the bright side, at least we still have real living & great design blogs such as this one :)

  • Although much of what was advertised or highlighted was a bit on the pricey side for me, I definitely used the magazine as a source of inspiration. I will miss Domino.

  • that is soooo sad! That was the only magazine I liked to get every month. I would devour it in two days and keep it on my shelf for constant reference. It always made me feel like style and a look were possible without having tons of money. looks like blogs like yours will keep that dream and style sense alive. press on design sponge!

  • I too just renewed my subscription for another year.

    My suggestion to prevent this type of happening in the future: subscribe to the magazines you really love. While this can’t solve everything it makes a difference vs. just buying the magazine each month.

    Why won’t they keep the website up? That really is a shame.


    Blueprint and Domino should pool resources, break away from their corporations, and start over. It could be called DomPrint or Blue Minnow and we could all be happy. Argh. I bet there are men in suits responsible for this. And numbers. Dastardly numbers.

  • Domino is my one and only–so now what? I’ll be cheating if I indulge in something other than Domino. Finding another magazine will be like having to eat cherry jello after you’ve had creme brulee. Not fair.

    I’m so glad they at least made the Domino Book of Decorating. Although, I’m definitely in the anger stage of mourning…

  • Soo upsetting. Domino and Cottage Living were my two magazine subscriptions and a just purchased a gift subscription for a friend this Christmas. It was really a highlight of each month to get it in the mail.

  • how incredibly upsetting – that was the only mag i felt really spoke my language. and one of my professional goals was to have my work featured within its fab pages….and being featured on design*sponge of course! :) really such sads news…

  • Grace, you should tell the Domino staff to read all these comments, just so they know how much their readers loved the work they did. As sad as we all are…I’m sure they’re the ones that REALLY need a drink and a pick-me-up right now!

  • WAIT!! If you read the last line of the article that Ticktock posted, it says “just kidding!” So is this for real or not??

  • I have a subscription for years and I have even given subscriptions as gifts. Sigh.

    I would always get a smile and a thrill seeing it in my mailbox monthly. I am very, very sad that magazines like this are falling.

  • just a quick note- subscriptions are always, always a wonderful way to support a mag, but sadly it’s usually an issue of advertising sales.


  • This is too much!
    I was so devasted over Blueprint (and Jane, for that matter). All I could think was “At least I still have domino!” I refuse to say it again and jinx the only magazine I have left.
    It had a strong following, to be sure. Those of us who liked it loved it. Unfortuantely, it seems there aren’t enough of us!

  • SO SAD!! we loved that magazine, my only subscription was Domino.
    I’m looking at Conde Nast offices from my desk right now and wondering if i’ll se people packing their stuff. I hope they’ll be back soon.

  • This is just not right…

    Domino was not just for women…I always relished the chance to be “alone” with my wife’s copy every month…we would compare notes when we had both perused each issue .

    She’ll be missed…

  • I have two subscriptions (intl) and Domino was one of them. I am so sad. Well at least there are the blogs. Good luck to the staff at Domino

  • so incredibly sad! I love Domino……and I loved blueprint too!!! What else is out there that even compares?!

  • First Blueprint, now Domino? I am so sad and will miss lounging on my couch with a cup of coffee and taking my time reading through the magazine. But at least I have Design*Sponge!

  • Nothing can replace the tangible joys of flipping through Domino’s pages {up close and personal}. But it is a reminder to support artists/designers and crafters however you can these days so that one day Domino (or something like it) can make a fiery come back.

  • NOOOO! Not Domino! My all time favorite style and design mag! Conde Nast, listen up! There are thousands of irate women out here that want to read Domino! Don’t do away with it and if you must, please keep the blog up and running- it is a daily treat!

  • I have stockpiled issues of Domino since the very first one. I remember when the trial issue can out and I thought, finally a shelter magazine out there that gets it.

    And the website too! All those images and great resources…gone!

  • The loss of Blueprint was sad. But then I still had Domino. I am so sad. I love Domino. I love it so much that I gave up all my other mags and just subscribed to them. The tough times are hurting us all.

    Thank goodness for my Google Reader loaded with all the blogs I love. I sure will miss the glossy, shiny pages.

  • this is a real tragedy to interior design. domino was the best in my mind. i’m not sure why they didn’t cut back to 6 issues or cut the staff and photo budgets and plow through this.

    i am very sad. it’s the only magazine i truly love.

  • Grace,
    my thoughts are with you and your talented coworkers. It’s the second news about my favorite magazines closing, earlier this week the BEST Childrens magazine I know
    ( Wondertime) had to shut down, I got a very somber email from the designer there. All these talented people on the job hunt now.. best of luck to all of you. You make our world a better place!

  • Yes, I love how these magazines continue to renew and take new subs, then switch you to a magazine you aren’t interested in instead of refunding you.
    I feel like my whole demographic is being wiped out with the close of the mags listed in above postings. I feel like I do way more consuming than my pocketbook allows, but still it’s not enough to keep advertisers happy? What do they want – the keys to my house?! I am very sad, this is almost the last design mag that I subscribe to. Where do I go for inspiration now?

  • I feel like drinking in the middle of the day. This is really sad. I agree with Grace that magazines need to stop with the bloated and really extravagant way that they run themselves. I have a friend who is a commercial photographer and the amount of money that they spend on silly things is CRAZY.
    Grace for editor!!

  • It is sad. Magazines like this are perfect for the airplane ride, a quiet evening at home or a vacation day at the beach. It’s ashame that these creative magazines continue to fold. Domino is a great resource place and it seemed to have a lot of followers. To bad that wasn’t enough to keep it going.

  • I’m so devastated! What a great magazine and the one I looked forward to the most every month. Surely this is an economy thing and when times are better you’ll come back better than ever!?

  • SO SAD!!

    domino was the best!! what an amazing and talented staff. why not just trim the fat and make it happen on a tighter budget? their staff was very large for a startup.

    conde nast better stop closing our favorite magazines and find a way to continue without the huge salaries at the top. please!!

  • Si love, it’s Donna here. Why don’t you claw back the money you pay Anna Wintour over at Vogue and keep Domino afloat? Vogue has had a good run but I’ve had my fill or articles on the latest $300 an ounce face cream and injectables. I’d rather decorate my house.

  • grace – i know someone else asked, but do you have any suggestions for other mags? maybe those from other countries?

    i’m so sad about this news! boo!!

  • This stinks, you know I always tease my friends and children that the best mail day in the whole month is the day DOMINO cames in the mail. REALLY STANKS

  • This is terrible news and has totally ruined my day. I was always inspired by Domino and Blueprint and now it’s back to dullsville with Southern Living and other crap that is just so mundane.
    Why do the good ones always go?

  • I agree, Grace. It seems like the whole system needs a little cleaning/revamping. I don’t know what that means – but in the meantime (or perhaps ultimately) I think it’s going to be bloggers like you that fill this void.

  • So disappointing. It was so real and effective for young people and families – where Elle Decor is more sit-up-straight and don’t spill anything…. Domino was homes was decor we could reach and live with. It will be sorely missed.

  • Really, what are we supposed to read in its place? nothing else is quite like it. Reading through all these posts… I can’t believe there are so many Blueprint fans out there! I was convinced I was the only one who ever read it. It would be great to have both it and Domino back — why not as quarterly magazines? Publishers seem to assume that everything needs to be a monthly. Titles could come out seasonally instead — bigger issues with more content and ands.

    If they ever cancel Allure, I will need medical attention.

  • I think all their 800,000 subscribers are going to post their extreme disappointment!

    Thank god for you Grace!

  • although i have loved design sponge for years, this is my first time commenting. i am crushed. but thank you grace, for giving us a continued source of inspiration…

  • My co-workers and I are in mourning over the loss of Domino and last year’s loss of Blueprint. Publishing is a tough business even in the best of times. I’m in complete agreement with Grace that survival demands working on a leaner scale and often that brings about a really stellar product.

  • Sorry, but I have to disagree with most of you. I worked in the magazine industry for many years, and I thought Domino was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Every time I picked it up, I couldn’t believe they had sold enough ads to put out another issue.

  • Surprised but not surprised. Historically home decor and fashion magazines come and go more than any other type of publication especially in the financial climate at the moment. I hope the talented staff at Domino are able to bounce back with ease, they deserve it. The greatest attribute of Domino was it’s freshness and fun approach to the interior world. They made it feel attainable to everyone who was interested and not just for the trade. At the end of the day the non interior designer are the best around. To the Domino staff I wish you the best of luck!

  • Patrick,
    I worked in the magazine industry for many years also and have to say you’re completely wrong, dude. I agree with all comments above supporting Domino. It was a fresh, superior magazine. There is no replacement and the biz brains canceling it should know what knuckleheads they are!

  • There has to be something we can do! This is horrible. JUst horrible. I would HAPPILY pay more for a Domino subscription. I pay only $45 for an international subscription. I would glady pay double. There is nothing out that that matches Domino’s wonderfulness!

  • I’m so saddened by this! I just sent in for a subscription even though I always bought it on the newsstand. Is there any way to make money and be stylish and creative?

  • Man, I wish they’d cut Lucky, instead! This is the one and only magazine of it’s kind!

    I was just about to cut up my stack of 30+ Dominos and start a scrapbook of inspiration. I think I’ll keep them whole now!

  • we also lost Wish magazine in Canada which was beautifully done. Similar to Domino but also covered a little bit of fashion, shopping and food. It was so nice. I love Domino too… sign of the times I guess. Too bad they couldn’t get rid of People and US Weekly instead.

  • I just got a my renewal notice in the mail today. The same thing happened to me with Blueprint! Only, I sent in payment and they folded a few days later.

  • What is something we can subscribe to in place of it? I am looking for something close to it’s format?

  • “ultimately what i wish is that there was a way for conde nast and other large pubs to change the way they make magazines. cut staffs down to smaller sized, do away with bloated salaries, cut photo budgets down some, and stop financing ridiculous projects and trips that aren’t 100% necessary.”

    Grace, That kind of budget-conscious thinking comes from the top down, ie the editor-in-chief. Surely Domino could have been more cost-effective and staff-size-conscious, if it had wanted to be. A tighter leash might have resulted in a better, more long-lived magazine.

  • miss cora

    i agree, but i think you have to go all the way to the top, way above editors at the magazine. they’re expected to turn out a certain type of magazine and please certain types of advertisers and that means content and photoshoots that are often quite costly. if a company wide mission statement came down from the top telling people to change things (and telling them how) i think all those mags would be better off.

  • Touché! Some magazines run very tight ships. Just looks like the mags at Condé Nast have never had to learn this.

  • i’ve always been leery of magazines purely about shopping, not that most don’t go that way anyway (hullo real simple i love you but tone it down), but this is a sad one to see go. what is nice about these types of magazines is that they do a lot of work for you, in finding unique things from smaller businesses all over the place. maybe they’ll be back!

  • This is sad and unfortunate, but a necessity. Shelter (and all consumption) magazines need to reinvent. Not only is the publication of these glossy pages harmful to the environment and a cradle to grave activity, they are also being eclipsed by the accessibility and logistical benefits of online. I am surprised that people are shocked that a magazine with the slogan of “the new shopping magazine for your home” is folding. The shopping era is over, we need inspiration that does not require spending to achieve it… even if it’s ‘reasonable’ priced spending…. these are frugal times, and not only because the economy has forced it upon us, but also because of a grassroots desire to consume less, slow down, and live a more sustainable life. Magazines that are instructing us to buy this and purchase that are not going to survive.
    I also would like to question if our blogs have played a role in Domino’s demise? Domino’s consumer base is primarily the younger trendier population, this is also the same population that is comfortable with the internet/blogging world and who is responsible for the majority of blogs online today. One question though, if the magazines with budgets to style and photograph the rooms we show on our blogs all go under, what will we post?

  • I am really sad about the magazine going away, but more importantly how can the website JUST COME DOWN. I feel like I have to go grab & screen capture a lot of stuff–because the inspiration on there is wonderful.

  • I am so sad to see this great magazine go. Are they keeping the website up and running? I am in Canada and we recently lost Wish magazine which was another of my faves. There is something so fun and exhilerating about getting your favorite magazine in the mail and curling up on the couch to ohh and ahh over the pages. It’s sad to see Domino go.

  • i work at conde nast and this is a really sad day. i agree that domino was different and special and amazing, but the EIC should have been able to balance a budget. she was amazing at content, but if you can’t make the numbers, you are nothing.

    i hope this is a warning for all EIC’s out there to trim their staffs and streamline their operations. i know that reshoots alone cost magazines millions of dollars a year and they are usually for silly reasons.

  • This is very sad news. They were tapped into the design/fashion collective unconscious. I loved the idea of a mag that balanced home while referencing fashion.It will be forever missed. oh well, all good things come to an end.

  • Domino is my favorite mag and the only one that I got and also sent to my sisters and mom. There’s no other magazine like it. What can we do to save it?

  • I have no idea what the photo budget of Gourmet looks like, but I’ve heard it from the creative director himself that many of their “foreign” photo shoots are actually done in a tiny room in the City. I know this isn’t possible for a decorating magazine, but there are really creative people out there (namely this guy, and maybe David Granger) who are changing the way a magazine is made or is expected to be made. More power to them.

  • Grace! I think this means design*sponge might need to expand! Have you considered a print version or subscription-based site features? I’m an English/Technical Writing major graduating this summer and looking for internship experience! If you’re interested in some help with your site, please let me know.

    I love your work and, like the hundreds of people who have posted before me, am extremely sad to find out that Domino is closing its doors.

  • damn it!..i was just going through the decorating book and thinking that i was glad they were still around in this economy :( so sad

  • heather

    thank you for thinking of d*s in that way, but i think we’re really enjoying working online right now. overhead is low, we’re paper-free and i’m able to change and add content quickly. i think i’ll always be an online girl, but we’re definitely looking to expand into more video and maybe one day tv-type content.


  • What really makes me sad about this is that the current issue was really wonderful. I felt they were doing poorly for awhile and then the last issue was really beautiful and inspiring. I’m so glad I haven’t thrown out my old ones! I almost did in my decluttering spree!

  • this is so sad. it was one of my favorite magazines. and like grace said, everything else is either too high end or two low end. d*s, lucky and domino were/are my go to design hubs.

    d*s and lucky BETTER stay put.

  • In what universe is Domino not “too high end”? I’m sorry to read another article about talented people losing work but I think the decor featured in the magazine was completely out of touch with many readers’ current priorities and budgets.


    This is SO sad. It’s a really good thing I have awesome blogs like Design*Sponge and others to fall back on. Otherwise I would be positively crushed.

    There are now NO magazines that I like. Dangit!!!

  • I think you should also add Ready Made to this list. It is not closing (yet) but they shut down their West Coast offices, to move to Des Moines. All of the staff quit. I can’t really see how it can live through that kind of transition.

  • ken

    i was afraid to mention that but i couldn’t agree with you more about readymade. i was so disheartened to hear that.

    to imagine readymade continuing without their regular staff and contributors is just impossible. they were the heart and soul of that mag. sadly i feel like that move with be that death of that pub, too.

    also, in terms of price point- domino definitely was starting to veer way too high end for my taste. but i think that was something that could have been easily remedied. working with the staff, i knew they were highly aware of those complaints and planned on changing things like that. but sadly they won’t get a chance now- such a bummer.

    but i think i’m almost more bummed about readymade. there was such a heart and soul to that magazine, and a really strong voice and perspective. i don’t know how they’ll keep that up without the main gang.

  • Recenly I got a card that Oprah’s Home magazine was ceasing to publish. Then, a notice that I wouldn’t get Cottage Living mag anymore. And now this! I think 3 things have contributed to this : the economy, the prolifieration of uber-high-end room settings that are out of reach to the average reader , and also the internet, where you can get most mag. content FREE…

  • so devastating!
    I feel like with Blueprint, Domino, etc. it’s like the publishers realize there is a market for younger/realistic/budget/diy looking decor, but they haven’t figured out how to make money using traditional ad-sales driven business practice. I’m hopeful that this new economy will bring some new thinking to the industry.
    In the meantime I am kicking myself for cutting into my dominos for inspiration clippings, instead of keeping them whole – I had every single issue!

  • Now I feel the recession has finally hit me. I have nothing left to read and get inspired for home living anymore. Everything else is so hard to relate to! I saved all issues of Blueprint and I sometimes flip through them. I also kept my Donimo since the 1st issue. Now I have to do the same thing with them. It’s too sad.

  • I’m completely shocked. I had no idea this was even in discussion. Wow – I need a moment to absorb this. Domino is, literally, my favorite magazine. Are they planning on telling their subscribers? How did I miss this? The last time a magazine I subscribed to closed up shop, I got a letter in the mail letting me know it was happening and telling me to expect to begin receiving another magazine in its stead. Wow… I really can’t get over this. I *LOVED* that magazine.

  • Add me to the list of subscribers who are shocked and dismayed. I just can’t believe it. First, I lost Cottage Living, now Domino? What’s a Design Groupie to do?

    *shakes fist at Conde Nast*

  • This is the second place i have read this but the site does not mention anything about it?? Are you sure? if so, that is devastating news for American design junkies, they do such an amazing job of profiling the mix of high and low and will be missed greatly! i am still hoping you are wrong. we at, doxahome.com, just emailed them regarding advertising, now i know why we have not received a response as of yet. i am looking to break out my sackcloth and ashes, truly.

  • WHAT?!!! I had no idea! That’s the ONLY magazine I subscribe to beside Pro Photographer! Sad day :(. And Blueprint is gone too…that was the closest thing. Dang it.

  • jaime

    there are a number of articles online and i’ve now received two press releases from conde nast about the closing.

    in addition, we all received calls saying we no longer have jobs there, so, that’s the best proof i can offer ;)

    i worked at HG when it closed and it took a day or two for the magazine to say anything about it on their website. but i wouldn’t expect a newsletter or written letter from them any time soon- they usually announce these things online or in the final issue of the mag.

  • I was beside myself when Blueprint died, but carried on thinking I’ll always have Domino. How can they get rid of Domino and not Lucky? Lucky is nothing more than ads at this point.

    Wasn’t the Domino book a mild success? Is the My Deco File going away too?

    I really wish they would give warning. Tell consumers the magazine (or any product) they love is in danger. See what happens then.

  • sad.

    first budget living (remember them?)
    then cottage living.
    then blueprint.
    now domino.

    there will be a gaping hole in the eclectic, young home design market. what does this leave us with — elle decor and dwell? don’t get me wrong — i do like those magazines, but they are BEYOND aspirational with their designs. i feel like i can’t afford a darn thing and i’m “technically” their target: a DINK with a decent HHI.

  • I heard rumblings that Domino was a magazine based on consumption and that the recession would hit it hard. I used more tips out of Domino than any other magazine in years. It was a perfect blend of fashion, decoration, and history. It was also very fresh and au courant (sic). It appealed to me–and I’m not young either–past 50 with a slew of grandchildren. Pretty soon, I won’t have anything coming in the mail (my Country Home expired). I’ll have to be dependent on Better Homes and Gardens special publications. UGH.

  • Horrible! Blueprint and Domino were such inspirations to me in so many ways! It makes me so sad to think of all that creativity leaving us :(

  • I JUST went through all my old magazines and did a clutter cleanse of old magazines over the holidays. I cannot believe this. Domino was so inspirational and real. At least we all have Grace’s blog still.

  • We just got a subscription to Domino after having had read your blog for so long. You’re so right, there is no middle of the road & what is middle of the road is horrible quality made by exploited peoples. We’ll just have to take it on the chins, rise up & keep estate sale-ing, keep our eyes peeled by the curbs while smelling the flowers, & making everyone drool with jealousy at our one-of-a-kindness.

  • This is so incredibly sad. I love Domino–I look forward to it every month and always look at old issues. There really aren’t any other design magazines out like it. I can’t believe it.

  • Yes ad revenues are down, but why not cut costs on staff and non-essential expenses, why not come out less often , why not invest a lot less money in an ad-based or subscription-based website with similiar content? There is clearly a loyal, active audience for Domino in some form. Is the magazine industry’s response to hard times just to have fewer and fewer magazines? Do they not realize this means they will have fewer and fewer avenues to generate income? They are so short-sighted. It’s almost like they are the music industry!!!

  • Blueprint was the best, and Domino was the only close substitute….whats left for design magazines for the young and crafty?

  • That is sooooo upsetting. I keep seeing a lot of magazines close. It’s really sad. Magazines are my vice. I will definitely remorse over Domino.

  • NO!!! I save every issue, mark the pages I like, and reread them over and over. It is far and away my favorite magaizne.

    And Grace — it was so cool when you first blogged that you’d been offered a job at Domino. It seemed like a great fit….and I LOVED when they featured you and your home!

    So do you know when the last issue comes out? Are they stopping immediately, or do we get one or two more issues. This is so, so sad.


  • so sad to hear about readymade as well? oh no. at least i can understand the argument about needed to find positioning in this tough economic market, but how can you get rid of a pub that actually HELPS you find design in this tough economic market!? heck, they showed you how to make a killer chandelier out of plastic hangers!?! so maybe the $4000 ottomans are a bit irrelevant, but come on! what’s more sustainable, eco-conscious, and relevant than readymade? fingers and toes crossed that we get a few more editions out of them…

    additionally… im wondering about DINING BY DESIGN? Taken over from ElleDecor, that event was my favorite, and was definitely for a good cause (worked on a few tables for the Columbus, Ohio show) Happy if it goes back to ElleDecor, but would hate for an event like that to go away because all thepubs go away? maybe local blogs (ahem) can start promoting/supporting events such as these? d*s is definitely a source and gathering place for all of us, just like the paper mags… something im hoping at least stays around for a while!! keep up the inspiration (especially on days like this!!)

  • I was shocked when I heard the news. I’m very sad and a bit shaken up by this. I know it sounds nuts, but you KNOW things are bad when magazines start shutting down in rapid succession. I’m so bummed. Domino opened my eyes to different kinds of style and to confidently mixing high and low AND disparate design styles. And I have nothing to replace it with. Now I’m pissed that I have missing issues. Ugh.

    I really liked the last issue too.


  • Are you serious!?! I’m just going to stop reading magazines, every time I find one I like, they stop making it. Adorn..Blueprint…Home Companion….and now Domino! So sad :(

  • Grace: I guess you’re it! I’m joining the chorus of disappointed readers…
    As much as I’m going to miss my monthly Domino- I do just absolutely love your site…
    My favorites are the sneak peeks and the recipes- keep it coming!

    and… I’m really excited to see pics the wedding pulled together ;-)

  • I was just at their site. Not one word. BUT WHY do they not post this info right here on their site??? And why can one STILL SUBSCRIBE to the magazine? And why do they not post refund info or alternatives. Conde did the same thing with House and Garden and I had just sent in my money for new sunscription and CLEARLY they knew they were closeing down. I am sick of being ripped off by Conde. I do NOT want “lucky”. I fear that all print mags are going. HOW HORRIBLE

  • It’s absolutely very sad. Magazines like these inspire us to think outside the box and they’re the funnest thing to bring on a plane and flip through on the train to yoga class. I will certainly miss it and hope that somehow the publishing industry can figure out the hurdles.

  • Thanks for posting about this. It is sad to hear that I will not be getting my favorite monthly magazine anymore in the mail.

  • This is BS!!! what am i supposed to read now? Traditional Home, Veranda?!! It seems like every home magazine that was of my aesthetic has gone out of print!!! Jane, Blueprint, Budget Living… Now Domino Too!!!! I can’t believe how livid I am over a magazine shutting down!

  • I’m devastated. I’ve bought three of the Domino books for gifts and have read each issue (I even bought all the back issues at a premium). I would pay $50 an issue!

    I must say that I respectfully disagree with Jane, however. It may have been a shopping mag, but I pulled so much inspiration from it and DIY’ed many looks, because I’m trying to save money but still love design. Now, we could also say that the NYTimes requires a lot of environmental resources in it’s print form…and they too should go (exclusively) online. They were just forced to take a $250m loan at 14% interest to stay afloat short-term. Studies show those who read the Times online spend an average of 1/10 the time and read less % of actual articles. Advertisers do not value online content as they do print, as a result. Who will pay the salaries of the journalists who inform us about the rest of the world in that case? Bloggers don’t get travel budgets. Similarly, Grace has one of the best blogs out there, but as she has said, her ad revenue would not be able to cover overhead necessary for shoots, etc. from which she pulls.

  • This is so sad. I love Domino. I am very glad I saved all of my issues, I think my daughter will enjoy them when she is older as well as I’ll refer to them when looking for inspiration. I hope my subscription doesn’t get transferred to a crappy magazine. I’m soooooo bummed about this ending. I do think may of the people from Domino will go on to do well. Lauren Goodman is destined for good things, she seemed to have real talent.

  • catherine

    as far as i can tell- no one knew this was coming. knew the magazine was struggling? yes. but closing today? no. i got an email from my editor this morning asking me to come to a lunch with new web staff hires so they definitely didn’t know this was coming and try to take advantage of anyone’s subscriptions.

    like i mentioned before- the closing literally happened this afternoon so i’m sure there will be something up on their site in a day or two- the word is out so they normally take a day or two to compose an editors letter or something to post.

  • I agree with you Grace about publications needing to refocus their spending. I also think that blogs more and more have replaced publications at all levels… which is somewhat sad, because as I heard someone else say earlier, there is nothing quite like curling up with a good magazine!

  • I think that especially during a recession we *need* fantasy interiors like the ones Domino turned out each month. During the depression, people loved Fred and Ginger not just for their dancing but for the beautiful sets and costumes. When we’re feeling down and anxious about the future, it’s nice to escape into pretty perfect worlds (even when we could never ever afford them). I’ll really miss it.

  • all that’s left for me is real simple and ready made and even that will go soon!

    what other magazines are left for home decor? elle decor and dwell really only show design that i find ridiculous, (often) unappealing, and out of my reach.

    this is awful!

    i know reading online is better as far as being green but i can’t stand looking at at a screen for long periods of time. i love paper magazines, they are tangible, they can be read on planes and subways and in bathrooms, but it looks like the end is near. i’ll have to start printing things out now, but the quality isn’t the same. and when i have a sketchbook or binder full of ideas, i don’t have to worry about getting paint on it. if i were to save all my inspirational images to a folder on my macbook, i couldn’t exactly keep it near my work table.

    i’ve been expecting this since i was a senior in high school and my english professors daughter, who worked for some trashy womens magazine, came in and told us how magazines don’t make any money off subscriptions.

  • This is so depressing. I loved this Domino – and like many of you used to love Blueprint too. As a designer I am just so sad that all these great publications keep disappearing.

  • I loved the magazine and would have gotten a subscription, but their prices for Canada were more expensive than the newsstand price. Things like that may have been part of the problem. I will really miss it. How do all these fashion magazines stay afloat? I can’t even remember the last time I bought Vogue..

  • so do i need to save all the great images from their online galleries to my computer? i wonder how much time until they take the website down.

    grace, i completely agree that magazines like domino need a new model. it’s certainly possible to create quality content and great design on a tight budget. it requires discipline, creativity and innovation.

  • NOOOOOO, i just loved this magazine!! I live in the Dominican Republic and recive it by mail, and a I just paid for another year!! there is nothing on the website….:( :( :(

  • I am so sad! When blueprint closed, I was so happy to discover domino. Now what magazine are we supposed to love?

  • NOO! I am so incredibly sad about this. For a college student hoping to work in a design field, Domino was truly inspiring. I loved that Domino’s ideas were accessible to people working with a small budget. That magazine could brighten my day like no other. I really can’t believe this.

  • I forgot to mention:

    I think the spirit of Domino (when at its best) is very much in tune with your website- original, offbeat, creative. On the other hand, I always think of Conde Nast mags as being very exclusive and snotty. Domino seemed to be a little better than Vogue, but it still felt a little exclusive. (I never got “The Adventuress” column, what she wrote about was always a dull mystery to me). So, that being said, Grace, you seem to have none of the exclusivity and pretentions that plague Conde Nast magazines. You seem genuinely nice and you promote others talents. I will be sad to not get my Domino every month, but not as sad as I’d be if I couldn’t get my daily Designsponge fix.

  • domino inspired me to connect with, revitalize, and appreciate my home more than any other magazine had – which took some doing after years of city “don’t settle in because there’s a bigger place waiting” living. i’m so thankful for having subscribed for so long – and of course for having kept the back issues!

    i’d be happy to pay for a subscription to d*s.

  • It is good to be in the know but now my whole day/week/month is ruined. Please tell me there will be one more issue!

  • Since we’re on the topic, does anyone have suggestions for other shelter mags that they like? All the ones I know of feature designs/products that feel really unattainable. I need to find something else to satisfy my fix! Man, so sad about Domino…

  • it is an unfortunate thing that during these times when a good escape (your mothly DOnimo mag) is enjoyed the most, it has to be closed.

    BUT perhaps this will bring even more JOY!!! to blogs like D*S.

    We can only hope & keep reading!

    BTW. Is cottage Living really closing as well? …two subscriptions lost in one day? … I am devastated, especially since i think Domino was the one bill I had paid through like 2011.

  • Grace, this news is so disappointing. Of course I’m bummed for myself and the one less joy I’ll be getting in the mail every month. But I’m more bummed for you and all the other staff members. As someone else above said, I hope you all are able to b0unce back soon.

  • I’m so heartbroken that I spent 45 minutes reading all of these comments to find an ounce of comfort. When I was in art school I secretly aspired to work for Domino like a nerdy engineering student aspires to work for Google. My heart goes out to so many talented folks that lost their jobs today. Best of luck to you all!

  • I am so thrilled I purchased the Domino Book of Decorating! And I got it just because I love DOMINO. I am truly saddened by this news… the publication truly was wonderful, and I will cherish my many issues!
    Thanks for keeping us so informed…

  • Terrible news…and by the way…Domino’s audience was definitely more than simply “young”…an important point to note when new mags start up and begin to consider their demographics (as will inevitably happen when this financial crisis pendulum finally swings back). I’ve kept my issues, and refer to them often. Glad I purchased books for myself and for my 25 y/o daughter. Domino was not w/o faults, but that sparks creative debate, or at least reflection.

  • It was my favorite, and I was holding off on subscribing until I lived in the States again. I am sorry to hear that I have missed out. I will have fond memories of picking up a copy at the airport; Domino gave me hours of entertainment on drab flights between the US and Asia.

  • OMG!
    I seriously almost shed a tear. I look so forward to my Domino every month and have saved every issue and refer back to them regularly for decor inspiration.

    This makes me so sad … at least I have all my back issues.

  • Domino was about consumption and shopping, and really was a glorified ad directory. No surprise that it bit the dust in this economy. Blueprint was a more economy oriented and do it yourself mag. That is sad. But the magazine industry is like all the other businesses in jeopardy, excessive spending just doesn’t cut it. In the past economic crunches, and I have lived through more than one (not a spring chicken), I have seen long solid furniture stores go under, car dealerships go under and, of course, clothing stores pass away. A lot of the people who are less than 35 have never experienced this type of economy. Business management principles are key at home and in all areas for survival.

  • I know this probably won’t help ease the pain of losing Domino…I too still have every issue in mint condition and am sooo disheartened by its loss, but for those asking about other magazines that might fill the void….I’ve always loved Living Etc and Elle Decoration. Both are British and have the best taste…I’ve long since canceled my subscriptions for American decor mags..they just don’t do it for me.

  • It kills me to know that Readymade is circling the drain. Readymade is the only magazine that I still get and enjoy. I liked Domino and I liked Blueprint okay (loved the blog more) and I’m still smarting from the destruction of Budget Living.

    I guess it’s back to the same cookie-cutter magazine with no personality.
    Good luck to you and the Domino and Readymade staff.

    **Le sigh**

  • WOW! What the @#*&?! I can’t believe I’m reading this.

    Domino is my favorite shelter book ever. I’ve never thrown out a single domino in my life. This is unbelievable.

    I was just looking through some old domino issues the other day thinking, “This magazine will be the only one standing when all is said and done. ”

    I never doubted that domino would survive.

    The reason I was sure domino would prevail: As anyone in the magazine business knows, Domino is one of the most ad friendly magazines ever to grace a newsstand. (After lucky, of course.)

    There is NO WAY that Gourmet is doing better than domino. No way is PORTFOLIO doing better. This is a decision that came from the top and probably had little to do with domino’s actual budget or ad revenues.

    The weasels who run these things decide which magazines to sacrifice and which to keep, and often it has little to do with the performance of the editors or the ad sales people of the magazine that is being shut down.

    A few years ago I was laid off my job as a senior editor at a high circulation magazine. The magazine I worked for was the golden goose that kept the rest of the media company’s holding afloat. So the CEO and his minions kept squeezing us for more and more. We were fat with advertising and it seemed like we were cranking out an issue for the printer every 3 weeks. We were always planning or shipping and never had a moment to catch our breath. But they wanted more.

    First they fired our beloved editor in chief. That was followed by a roller coaster ride of nastiness, insecurity and mind games played by the CEO and managment. A bitchy new top editing team made us re-interview for our jobs (“What exactly do you do here?” sneered the new executive editor at me.) Then they “downsized” our edit team in a blood-bath of layoffs, moved the magazine’s headquarters to another city, switched the paper stock (paper is very expensive) to crappy stuff you can practically see through. They jammed b-list celebrities on the cover (cheaper than models and better newsstand bait) and jacked up the cover lines to be more garish and outrageous. The content is now worthless and the magazine is a shadow of its former self. The result is a tarnished brand. The company’s credit rating has been downgraded by Wall Street to practically worthless, yet despite all this poorly run media company was able to recently purchase a hip, over-rpiced website and the CEO continues to fly on his corporate jet. Top people at the company still draw their outrageous salaries.

    Incompetence and rampant greediness on Wall Street have made news lately, but these qualities are not limited to the finance industry in the U.S. They permeate all business. Good magazines that are doing decently are often sacrificed at the expense of pet projects that people at the top want to keep going. (Last I checked, Portfolio as still publishing. What up with that?)

    It’s easy to blame editors when a a magazine shuts down. (Especially since event the best magazines can’t possibly be perfect and please us all of the time.) But please keep in mind that the editor in chief of a magazine like domino rarely has total control of the content. A CEO can and often does micro-manage everything from the color of the magazine’s name on the cover (should it be hot pink or yellow this month?) to the people covered in the feature stories. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes of a magazine that readers really have no idea about. The magazine business is not all glamorous. It can be grueling work.

    Readers shold know that the people who create the content–the articles and photo spreads we enjoy so much–are usually the least valued by media companies. (CEOs tend to value the publisher and the ad department more, because they see those people as being the ones who bring in the revenues. The writers and editors are just seen as a monetary drain, not as contributors to the bottom line.)

    In addition, editors are challenged to deliver fresh material every month while still remaining within the same tight format. Each month they have to reinvent the wheel. I think domino excelled at this.

    My hearts go out to the editors. I think I have some idea what they’re going through. (Right now they’re probably going over a bunch of paperwork the company wants them to sign before they can get their severance checks.)

    This is a very sad day.

  • THIS IS SO SAD! I’m in shock. I thought it was so popular!!?? That was the one magazine that I religiously bought every month. Maybe they’ll come back when the economy turns around.

  • not sure what to say…but can’t be alone in canada during this moment…might sleep with my favourite issues tonight…my husband thinks i’m nuts… he doesn’t understand!!! ahhh!!!

  • I adored DOMINO. I’m just stunned. I always learned something in every issue. Please don’t stop DesignSponge!

  • Unbelievable! The arrival of Domino every month in my mailbox is a happy, happy day. First Blueprint, then H&G (more traditional, but still loved) … and Wish (canadian lifestyle/shelter mag) just went under, too. AND Caroline Tine left(?) Maire Claire Maison, leaving a huge hole in the ultimate shelter mag (in my opinion).

    Grace, keep up the good fight. Design Sponge is my last ray of sunshine.

  • I’m shocked right now! I suppose I shouldn’t be, w/the economy being what it is, but I feel like this is coming out from left field. I’m repeating practically every other post before mine when I say: I LOVED my domino! Loved the layout and the content–it was so refreshing in a sea of indistinguishable design mags. At least w/Blueprint and O, the founders are still busily employed & could find work for the staves. domino’s staff, being an arm of a conglomerate, will probably be hit harder. Also, Blueprint remains online and is still an active blog.

    B/f christmas i, too, had purged my mag coll. of a number of domino issues–what a mistake! Just devestating! And what is this nonsense about Readymade??!! Do NOT toy w/me about that!! Losing domino is devestating enough– i do NOT want to hear that Readymade is closing shop, too–not in the same day–say it ain’t so!!!:0 :( >:{

  • been processing this all day… off to bed with tears in eyes. i know it’s redundant , but, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for letting us know about Domino and like everyone else I think it is a real shame, there is no info about the closing on the Conde nast website so they are still allowing one to subscribe which I think is dreadful. Also what happens to us the subscribers do we get a refund?

  • While I am not sure that I have much to add to the conversation I just wanted to thank all of the amazing people at Domino who have worked so hard to make such an amazing magazine for the past several years. Like many others who have posted I have kept every single issue of Domino and I even have multiple issues of most. I am not in the interiors business, however when I heard the news earlier today I actually felt devastated.

    During its run, Domino has nourished my creative soul and has been the only shelter magazine that has made me feel empowered to do wonderful things with my home. Thanks to Domino I have had the courage to buy vintage bamboo nightstands and paint them gray and to try a 70s bronze lamp among many other things.

    I cannot recount the hours I have spent looking at the pages of every issue nor can I ever qualify the delight I have felt in receiving a new issue and flipping through an old one.

    I am only too sad to see this bright light in my month go away in these dark times.

    To the Domino staff I wish you all the best of luck in these coming months. Just remember you did something amazing. As far as I am concerned its all about Domino and Sassy. You’ve made history.


  • OMG…totally shocked. I Love Domino. I agree it wasn’t perfect. But now what. There is nothing. Everything is either too country or too high end. I’m very disapointed. I looked forward to Domino every month. Is there anything else on the horizon?

  • Like so many others, I am sad to see this magazine cease publication. My heart goes out to all those who are suddenly now on the job market.

  • Does anyone know if you can still purchase back issues of Domino? What about Blueprint, while we’re at it?

    It distresses me that my hardworn copies next to the tub will be my only resource…

  • First “they” took away Blueprint, now this???? (I’m not really sure who “they” are specifically, but I have a bone to pick with SOMEONE)!
    I don’t even know what I will do with my hard earned dollars anymore:( What a absolute bummer.

  • Am I the only person in the universe not sad to see this mag go? I could afford absolutely nothing they featured – and I am sick and tired of “aspirational” magazines. I think we are going to see alot of other magazines go down the drain as the formerly middle-class reaches a critical mass. I think we have already reached the point where “aspirational” is a joke. A bad joke.

  • I am also very disappointed about this news! I have reading Domino and Cottage Living (Blueprint too) for years. The magazines were such great inspiration, and helped to spark my love of design/home decor.
    But, I have to say I am a little baffled by the many comments from people concerned about having just paid for their subscription. While it’s unfortunate that you are out $10-$20, there are a lot of people who are out of jobs- and I am sure this will effect more than just those directly employed at the magazine. Maybe now is the time to have a little perspective.

  • Domino was the only bright light in American home decor that spoke to my generation, and I have missed Blueprint and now this, ugh. I do have to agree, however, with Vane that I do find a ton of inspiration from British Mags. American Elle Decor bores me to tears, but British Elle Decoration, and Living Etc are fantastic, and frankly almost provide more inspiration for me because style isn’t broken down as specifically as Domino was…leaves more room for imagination and re-interpretation.

  • Yet another dope thing in NYC closing! Domino, along with Elle Decor were the only two subcriptions I had…so sad…are they doing it online only perhaps? Its true…blogs are the new look, but there is nothing like a magazine. Well honestly I actually have found two others that are really great: Inside Out and Australian Vogue are really beautiful. Practical and realistic…the others are too over designed and too pretenious for the times we live in…still SAD.

  • I am shocked. Domino was by far my favorite magazine and I too thought they’d stick around forever. It’s a very sad day.

  • Oh man, I’m so so so sad about this. It really was a speacial treat getting Domino in the mail every month, it felt tailor made for me. No other mag comes even close.

    Grace, your blog is now going to be my only source for fun and stylish home design ideas. No pressure. :)

  • I’m not really adding anything new or interesting, but this information has completely depressed me. Seriously. Getting my domino magazine was an event each mont- I practically danced all the way home from the mailbox. *sigh*

  • Well honestly, I agree with Mimi Swanson about the fact that Domino’s flaw was in it’s focus on consumption and trends. There is no sustainable aspect to that and so they were short-sighted. Though it will never fill the “color of the month” void that Domino has left with many readers, I will expect to continue getting my Dwell subscription delivered, 1/because it is not owned by a publisher giant but is independent and 2/because it addresses issues such as sustainable living which is what I want to learn about now.

    Also, it’s the success of great blogs like Design Sponge that have contributed to the demise of such publications. While I feel for everyone who lost their jobs and contributed to the site, Blogs are far more accessible and personally, I find it much more entertaining to be able to read 5+ different posts a day on my favorite blogs than 5 or so main articles a MONTH in a magazine. Plus, you get all the fun comments, find links to things you had never heard of before, etc. I’m not sure they’ll be back and I don’t think I’ll miss them. Yay for saving trees.

  • Can i say from an outsiders perspective…i’m australian….that Domino was my favourite American Design magazine!
    I am speechless that this has happened and its the 3rd one i’ve heard about in 2 days!
    I did not realise the enormity the economic shift has had on life.
    My prayers are with all the staff.

  • Not to be overly dramatic, but this is HORRIBLE! I really look forward to receiving Domino each month. I subscribed with the first issue and have dearly loved it ever since. I have a decorating business in a small coastal town, and this is often the only resource I have for truly creative and inspired ideas. Domino and Cottage Living? I’m so bummed!

  • Ugh I just stumbled upon this news, via kirtsy. This sucks. I loved Domino so much I’ve been buying back issues off eBay just to fill in the gaps in my collection. I say the editors should go rogue and crank out a zine — sign us all up, we’ll pay! Screw Conde Nast, the idiots.

  • It’s as if we’ve all lost a good friend!
    Isn’t there any way they could keep the website up? Maybe just catalog the images in flickr? I agree with several others who’ve said that nothing will replace the tactile experience that thumbing through a magazine is for me. Unfortunately not enough people feel that way!

  • I think Domino’s closing, much like closing of many other magazines right now, is due in part to a over-saturated market and the fact that these magazines were being run by publishing companies that became too big for their own good. The demand still exists. Just hope that someone recognizes this and starts a new glossy more tightly and smartly managed (unlike the publishing behemoths out there). Until then, we have Design Sponge!

  • Big bummer! I come from the magazine publishing world in the shelter category. While the space was crowded, Domino had a unique voice that was completely advertiser friendly. It was the only magazine that bridged the high and low aspects of the field. Domino will sorely be missed.

  • WHAAAAATTTT???? I was just thinking about missing Blueprint last nite, now Domino? I guess I don’t fit the profile of target market, I’m 46, but they were the only mags I found to have any real freshness every month. Ho-hum to the other glossy, ad filled, cookie cutter publications that will not become my alternative. Nothing takes the place ( not even the most exciting blogs) of getting my hands on a fresh copy of a new issue and escaping into it’s pages. sad, sad, sad…….sigh

  • Domino has a cult following! I say shut down the financial mags and keep the creative ones. Creativity is our future. YES WE CAN!

  • Wow….very disappointing. I am an avid blog ready but also a loyal Shelter mag subscriber. Domino created a sensation when it first hit the stands, and rightly so. It empowered its readers and demystified the world of interior design. It was a breath of fresh air. AD, Trad Home, Veranda, Southern Accents (BTW – hate the redesign) are all so staid. Only occasionally do I find an article inspiring or relatable. I LOVE Cottege Living & Domino because they capture the way REAL people live. The homes/rooms within their pages became tear sheets for many of us and provided us with examples that we could actually aspire to i.e., are within our means. No, $1500 wastebuckets, $28,000 server’s or $10,000 sofa’s. The McMansions that the aforementioned mag’s celebrate or the jewelry articles in Veranda are distasteful to me. They glorify consumption, greed and the Madoff’s of this world. It’s ironic that the mag’s which are surviving epitomize a lifestyle that very few people can afford. Money does not buy taste and good design does not necessarily have to come with a large price tag. I wish all those well who lost their jobs and hope that there are better times ahead. Thank you for what you’ve given us; I’m sure we’ll meet again:)

    On another note, does anybody know what will happen to the design file feature on Domino’s website? I have so many photo’s catalogued and don’t want to lose them. Is there another site I can move them to? THX! —Inspired Living

  • Grace, do you know whether the issue currently on newsstands (the organizing one, I think), will be the last, or will there be one more we can all buy as a souvenir???

  • As if the winter blues couldn’t get any worse! My Domino! How will I go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura noted my previous comment, and I also read RW’s comments. I absolutely see the blog influence. We are all readers of designsponge, aren’t we. I am somewhat taken aback by the seemingly extreme comments about the loss of a magazine, though. What does that say about our own selves creatively? Inspiration is right outside your doorstep! Open your eyes and look. I love magazines myself and have copies of Veranda, Elle Decor and others that fill a library dating back to the 80’s (yikes). I do revisit them, but I also am trying to really dig into who I am. I recently read an interview with a fabulous designer (can’t remember who, but “famous”, who said he NEVER looks at the design of others or reads magazines. It gave me pause to consider my own sources of inspiration. For the past couple of years, I have taken my beloved camera to many places in and out of doors, country and city, and filled that space that needed to be inspired. So I suggest that all of these readers cherish all of the designers ideas, but really work on developing their ownselves. You obviously have some inward design ability, whether you think you do or not, and really trust yourself.
    The world economy is on a diet. Too much junk food, not enough exercise….how about that analogy? For women, fitness, diet speaks to what we know. Read the Wall Street Journal. Open our eyes, we will get through this.

  • I know you said Domino appeals to a mostly female audience. However, I’m a straight man (with a wife and first baby on the way), and I really loved Domino. It’s been the perfect companion while decorating our new apartment and planning our baby’s nursery.

    As well, it let me see beautiful design (interior, product, & industrial) every month. I always looked forward to its arrival in my mailbox and am sad to see it go.

  • I think that blogs such as this one have been filling the need — without the subscription cost — for affordable design inspiration.

  • So sad! I don’t know what you are talking about when you said Domino was far from perfect–I thought it was fantastic! No need to dis on Domino–it was really great–they did a fantastic job with it. I wish the company and their staff the best in finding new opportunities. I will be praying for them.

  • This is truly sad… Domino was definitely one of my favorite mags of all time. And yes, guys loved Domino too. And guys love Design Sponge

  • its so sad to me. so much love and hard work went into the pages of the magazine. the people who worked there cared so deeply about their magazine. it seems unfair to me that they could not have downsized or something, just closing seems unjust.

  • This is most definately tragic news. I looked forward to getting Domino in the mail every single month and have always loved the magazine more than any other. It had a feeling of it’s own that was special, so very sad to hear the news. :(

  • When Domino first came out, the publisher was not targeting the trade community (proffesional interior designers). It quickly became a favorite for many of us because it was so well put together, informative & a window into how people live & want to live.

    Domino actually did demystify the concept of hiring a designer & we actually benefited from it. WE started working with a new generation of young clients that understood hiring a proffesional made good sense.

    I will miss Domino.

  • Of course I would get a subscription to a magazine that closes a month later. I love getting new magazines in the mail. SIGH.

    They’re probably going to give me a consolation prize mag replacement like Allure (lame!)…

  • Amidst all the ugliness in this world, Domino was one of the beau tiful bright spots!
    I will truly miss this outstanding resource. Good luck to all the folks at Domino who have lost their jobs.

  • Oh man! I am so sad. Blueprint and Domino were so fun. Like you and many others have said, they were more about creativity than status. I can’t bring myself to buy other decorating mags because of the status factor. I also loved Domino’s features on designers from years past and why their rooms were timeless. I have never learned so much about interior design from a mag before. Perhaps they can keep a blog going?

  • I am so bummed. I love Domino. Whenever I received a new issue in the mail my boyfriend and I would comb through it, planning our dream home.

  • You know, I love Domino soooo much that I purchased 6 subscriptions for Christmas gifts this year! Not to mention, I am on my third year subscription myself. It is a great read! I can get with the consumption thing, though. We, as a culture, need to reinvent, reuse, and regenerate ourselves in every way. I am still sad to see Domino go. How do I get my gift subscription refund so I can reinvent my gifts to my friends and family?

  • Between Domino and Cottage Living (which I didn’t even know closed!), I have no subscriptions I really look forward to getting. It seems to me that if Metropolitan Home and others are still around, then advertisers don’t understand the audience that Domino and others like it have. How many comments are you up to now — well over 400? I agree with some others that I think this demonstrates the desire for a print magazine of this nature, and while I know this isn’t the goal of Design*Sponge, it seems you may be uniquely qualified to fulfill this mission. What about quarterly issues? Maybe something new will be created to fill this void down the road, but it won’t come soon enough.

    Grace, thanks for such a great blog. It feels like the lone beacon of hope in this niche of design/shelter resources.


  • this is terrible. if I had to pic 1 mag to have a subscription to it would be Domino over any other shelter mag. Other ones while beautiful dont feel attainable for the masses. they are very high end and aspirational. Domino was it. And cottage Living was 2nd – gone. I dont think that they get that some of us would pay much more to have a glossy mag in our hands. I LOVE blogs but it is not the same (spoken as a daily blogger). I normally pay $8-9 for foreign mags without flinching. It will be sorely missed. According to all 400 of us anyway.

  • First Blueprint and now this ?! The only other magazine I get this much pleasure from is Living Etc., and it’s about $12 Cnd for each issue.

    I wonder what will happen with my Domino subscription…?

  • I really can’t believe this news! As a subscriber, you’d think they’d let me know. I’m so sad to hear this. I thought Domino was wonderful, and I just discovered it a few months ago. I’m going to miss looking forward to it arriving in my mailbox.

  • I thoroughly enjoy Design*Sponge and all the other lovely little blogs I’ve happened upon over the past few months, but I can’t take my computer into the bath with me and my glass of wine, and I will miss Domino sorely. I love the quarterly print idea from Kathy. Possibility?

  • Very sad news and very telling of the times.

    I’ve rounded up an informal list of where you can continue reading the Domino bloggers for anyone who would like to keep up with their great advice (of course, you included, Grace!).

  • I’m so very heartbroken over this news! I scour the magazine isle every week in hopes of getting the newest domino. I was obsessed with Blueprint but when that was swept away I knew I had Domino to keep me! I can never fully get into Vogue Living or Veranda as I’m not an upper middle class woman with a million dollar mansion. I want my domino, please!!!!

  • I cannot believe this!! Why? It’s a great magazine. Now the world is filled with CRAP!!! Why can’t we just get rid of all the celeb crap mags and enjoy Domino. Home sweet home mags. I love Domino and i am always excited when i recieve it in the mail. unbelievable and sad!!

  • There’s really nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said, except, wait a minute, Wondertime, too? What will I read after the kids are in bed and I want to sit down with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and one of my favorite magazines? (List of titles dwindling by the day, it seems.) I love d*s and other great content available on the web, but my computer just isn’t as cuddly as the printed page.

    Also, I called the Cottage Living peeps, and they offered me a refund of my remaining subscription balance instead of the (lame) Southern Living replacement.

  • I know- I am so disappointed! This was such a great magazine. I am a 25 yr old designer/ art director/ fashionista/ social butterfly- I AM the demographic for this magazine! And I haven’t ever found anything else out there like it.
    Hopefully the brilliant Martha Stewart brand team can come up with something else for the ladies out there like us.

  • No! No! No! For the love of all things holy – save Domino! I bought the first issue at a bookstore and have had a subscription ever since. This is TERRIBLE news. *sigh*

  • What!!!??? Say it isn’t so :(
    I’ve been with Domino (as a reader) since the beginning. This is depressing, how am I gonna break the news to my Mum?
    As always thanks Grace, I’m glad it was you who broke the news.
    Such sadness for a truly wonderful magazine that I enjoyed getting every month…

  • What a bummer! This isn’t the first time a magazine I’ve loved has gone tits up, though… I still long for my old issues of Sassy and Raygun :)

    a small silver lining… the info on dominomag.com will always be available on archive.org, even if all the functionality won’t be there:

  • This is so upsetting. I just renewed my subscription in September. Speaking of which I subscribed to HOME magazine at that time and never got it.

  • Wow, this is the first I have heard of this. I was dissapointed to lose Blueprint, but now Domino. One of the few interior design magazines that appealed to me, and one that encouraged the creativity and ingenuity of it’s own readership. It will definitely be missed.

  • This is quite possible one of the saddest things that I have heard! No BluePrint no Domino Now what the heck am I going to do only read Real Simple?????!!!

  • I can’t believe this!! Very sad. This was my favorite design mag by far. I will miss the anticipation I had every month while waiting to receive it in the mail. I wish they would have tried something else before closing it for good. I would have paid double the price for a subscription – if that would have kept it afloat. RIP Domino.

  • oh WOW. I was so gleeful when our issue arrived each month and would save it until I had a whole hour or two to myself to pore over.
    I’m also miffed that they just took my money…

  • I can’t believe this……this is first I’m hearing of this. I’m in shock. Why? How? Domino is my favorite magazine. I look forward to reading cover to cover everytime I get in the mail. I never missed an issue since the very first issue. I really can’t believe this. I have always thought it was the best decor magazine out there. I’m really dissapointed to hear this. It’s as if someone ran over my puppy.

  • Very disappointed to hear this. I’ve always looked forward to getting Domino in the mail and don’t know of any other comparable magazines (any suggestions?). Keep up the great work with Design*Sponge–I know a lot of Domino readers come here for inspiration as well.

  • sad sad news.

    grace- will you please send these comments to chuck townsend, conde nast ceo? seriously. he should know the following that domino had.

  • I read this last night before going to bed and nearly cried myself to sleep. It was such a treat to get it in the mail each month, my husband and I both love it and had long since given it our favorite shelter magazine title. It was the only American shelter magazine that I felt really had fresh ideas and didn’t speak completely to an audience that could afford to hire a decorator. Just earlier in the evening before I read this I was filing my back issues of Domino next to my back issues of Budget Living. My heart goes out to all the employees, writers, stylists, and photographers who did such beautiful work for Domino, you should all be proud.

  • One more thought…I just purchased the Domino book, I don’t know who it will help at this point but I have been meaning to get it and there’s no better time.

  • God! thats bad! why? can we make a petition and get people to sign it ….

    Hopefully something will come out just as good

  • So, so sad! Just like everyone else here, I so looked forward to getting my issue every month. It was a source of inspiration, while still feeling accessible to those of us without a bajillion dollars in the bank. It will be sorely missed.

  • Well, shit. oops, sorry. Domino is the only mag I get on subscription.

    I agree with many who said Domino was straying into pricey homewares lately, but I still liked geting it.

    I read blogs daily (thanks, Grace!) so thank goodness for those. Perhaps it’s because they’re done by mainly middle-class people who are struggling as much as the rest of us. Blogs authors have inspired me more lately than any mag.

  • When I subscribe to a magazine, it must be the “kiss of death”: Weekend, Blueprint, Cottage Style, and now Domino. BTW, the same thing happens with television shows I like. This is getting depressing!

  • I’m so sad! I love Domino. I’ve never found a shelter mag. that was as useful or inspiring to me. What am I going to look at now!!?? (beside d*s, of course) My husband is a designer — he likes Metropolitan Home. We were just debating the two mags. I said that the advantage of Domino was that the interiors actually still look like people live there, which is helpful to me.

  • I knew it was inevitable, but… The death of the magazine is upon us. You can’t take a laptop to the beach and read a blog. It is soooo not the same thing. But the bottom line is the bottom line and the math just didn’t work. bummer. it’s like how kids today have never written on a chalk board (schools all have dry erase boards…i was horrified to find out), soon the next generation will not read the printed word. yikes!

  • I am still trying to digest the loss of Domino. I’m also shocked to see how many people feel the same way I do about this publication. There were times when Domino veered off track with their articles (I don’t want to see Donna Karen’s bathroom, I want to see how Mary in Brooklyn updated her bathroom on a thousand dollar budget. This pub was a huge influencer and inspiration resource for me. I will have to start visiting more blogs and hopefully the blog community will take up the slack.

    I am also super bummed to hear about the pending future for ReadyMade. Great pub! Didn’t know about them moving to the mid west until Grace mentioned it above.

    Grace, maybe we can use your traveling meetings as a forum to discuss “how to keep a good magazine in business” and pitch it to a publisher. That way when times get tough, there’s a back-up plan. No more “we’re shutting everything down” (an online version of Domino is low budget and a no-brainer – they should have kept that portion going).

    Alas… we all have to move on.


  • I am going to look up the head of Conde Nast and post it – I think everyone should write a letter about Cottage Living and Domino. I hated that they got ride of House and Garden and all the design mags are junk. AD only stays around because the advertising is so high and they pay — for an old archiac mag run by the same editor for years. I heard tooo she dictates people in the business and sticks with only certain designers.

  • Here is the address –if I had an email I would send it – but I am writing a letter directly to the President:

    The Conde Nast Publications
    4 Times Square
    New York, NY 10036
    Charles Townsent
    President & CEO

    – Mark Personal and Confidential –
    Learned a long time ago they are more apt to read because the secretary usually opens all mail except for things marked personal and confidential.

    I am so bummed I’m writing in and encourage all bloggers and people posting to do the same. Who the hell wants Southern Living as a replacement for Domino?

  • I think the reason these magazines are closing is pretty simple – designsponge is better. This site is free, changes all the time, fun to read, able to adjust, and just as informational as anything else I ever read in Domino – which I always liked.

    Think about it – the little articles at the front of the design mags are essentially what we get here, and we get three or four homes a week. We got three or four homes a month in domino.

  • Like everyone else, I am so disappointed to hear this! I’ve been a subscriber since day one and will really miss getting the issues each month. Sad.

  • this is indeed sad, sad news.

    Ann — I think you’ve got some facts confused. Domino was published by Conde Nast, yes. You will not be offered a sub for Southern Living, as it is published by Time, Inc. Cottage Living subscribers have been offered SL as it was also published by Time.

    I would encourage all Domino subscribers (or Cottage Living, for that matter) to do a little research about Conde Nast (or Time, Inc.) publications and contact customer service if you aren’t satisfied with your replacement subscription. In these tough times, I’d be willing to bet they’d rather accomodate you than lose your business completely. Just a thought.

  • i love design sponge as much as everyone else, but domino was amazing! i loved the styled houses and apartment and i loved that they told you where to get the products. you really can’t replace the excitement of getting your domino in the mail. i am on the internet all day at work and going home and reading a magazine is so awesome!

  • Domino’s closure represents a decision that our generation is not a viable consumer base, and that is what is most disturbing. With what magazine will we grow old?

    Further, Domino spawned a community through a network of blogs and their own site. Closing Domino is not the death of a magazine, but the death of a virtual world that had made it the center.

    These are new social trends in media in the digital age that Conde Nast may not be prepared to accept.

    I read some time back that Burda publications, one of the largest magazine houses in Europe, had no plans to open new printing plants but was rather focusing on digital publications and creation of community.

    As usual, American capitalists are slow to the new rules in global media.

  • I’ve seen this sentiment all over the internet today. I, too, am very disappointed. I know times are tough, but it’s such a shame that a magazine with such a zealous following can’t stay afloat! I find such pleasure from flipping through a beautiful magazine.

  • conveniently i just subscribed to domino 2 weeks ago. their website still has “subscribe to domino” available. doesnt seem right.

  • I so looked forward to it every month! I wouldn’t even open it until the end of the day when I could lay in bed and really devour it! I’m so sad and someone said Cottage Living too! What am i suppose to read for decorating!!!

  • “i know the magazine was far (in some cases very far) from perfect”

    way to kick ’em while they’re down.

  • I am absolutely gutted by this very sad news. Domino was a glittering jewel in the increasingly disappointing pile of newsstand rubble. I looked forward to its arrival every month, sometimes saving it for a few days until I really had the time to savor it. I will contonue to read Living, etc. from England, but it will never fill the void left by Domino. Today is a very sad day indeed. My thoughts are with all of those who have lost their jobs.

  • I had just reconnected with a few of the editors, at the gift fair, when we heard the sad news.

    It was great reading for my subway commute and would always give me a boost of energy by the time I arrived at work. It was also a good resource for everything design oriented which I would share with my customers.

    My favorite thing to do is to read through the back issues and discover something new that would jump start a million new ideas.

  • I’m truly saddened by this news! it was one of my little pleasures when the kids were sleeping and I could curl up in bed, flipping thru the visually appealing pages of Domino, finding nuggets of inspiration. You will be missed…

  • Im surprised that the publishers are so out of step with the new economy. A magazine that promotes SHOPPING, drives merchant revenues, is a great ad spend vehicle, popular, has a unique design/style niche, appeals to people who want to save money (as opposed to, say, the people in Architectural Digest) and is “hip” and “young”? Isn’t that just what you would create if you were creating a new magazine right now?

    No more coffered ceilings! No more bloated Tuscan-ish McMansion kitchens with islands the size of small Hummers. We’re sick of them! No design, just opulence. Well, OK, Veranda has great covers. But I’ll never buy or inherit anything in that magazine. Not many would. I know people like to dream, but I dont think that’s what they are dreaming about lately. They’re dreaming about keeping their jobs.

    Havn’t they read the numerous editorials about how luxury shoppers want to carry store bags without logos on them, and that “60% off is the new black?”

    The luxury magazines (Veranda, AD, Southern Living, etc.) look old and overdone in this new economy. Worse, they look a bit indecent. Very dated, very “Dynasty”. This is the time for Domino, now more than

    Kudos to the staff. I enjoyed every single isssue. I will save them all. You are unique and irreplaceable. Blueprint was nice, but not the same. Domino had a voice. I could sense the people behind the masthead. Nice job, all!

  • I’m truly saddened. I tell everyone I know about Domino and always look forward to its arrival. I enjoy every issue so much that I didn’t see this coming at all. I wish there was more I could do.

  • I guess this means that online blogs and mags like http:www.largom.com will have to fill the gap- who knows what will happen to print! i hope the guys at domino manage to get jobs with some other mags! we never got it in the uk but i loved the site( im an online junkie!) – it’s how i found design sponge!

  • Best Mag ever! Used it to inspire myself when I had clients with small, stupid little rooms…So sorry to see it go. All the great companies are leaving us…Norwalk Furniture for example…I think I will hold a special 5 minutes of silence with a candle and a cup of tea as I read the final month…yes I will do this, now to break it to my daughter…she will be so bummed, there was always a few copies on the table at her hairsalon…kept the clients happy when she was running a bit late…

  • Awwwwww! Say it isn’t so! I’m still mourning “Blueprint”! What’s a girl to do.. Thank goodness for these beautiful blogs like yours! Wait… Your not going anywhere are you?

  • jen

    i sure hope not ;) though jobs like the one i had at domino help me keep things a float. so i just have to be creative and sick of something new.


  • when I heard the news I had to go straight to bed. so sad and heartbroken. But I just hope that all the talented people at Domino start something even better!

  • Domino was the only magazine I truly enjoy…. So SAD… I am heartbroken. Is there anyway that we can make this magazine survive?

  • Did anyone see they posted a pic of the March cover on Domino’s website!! Does that mean we’ll get one last issue? Conde Nast has taken down the mag’s editorial calendar, so I can’t see when the on-sale date was supposed to be. Did they already close the issue?

  • wow! this mag.. was my treat and design trend standard for a long time. i even own every single issue and just got a new subscription for christmas. first budget living, then blue print…now this… what we need is a new version with the best of all three… i’ll even take my design online… please
    design sponge you are our only hope!
    keep up the good work.

  • speechless.

    For Christmas I got the domino book, which included a mail-in voucher for a year’s subscription. Now what do I do with it, mail it in anyway and hope I get a different Conde Nast mag at least?

  • ohh, my boyfriend heard my saddened moans from the other room and asked what was wrong, even he is sad about it, he liked seeing my face light up when I got it in the mail. Collectors items? :)

  • For those of you who’ve asked, your last issue will be March, and your subscribtion will be automatically transferred, most likely to AD. I’m sad to see DOM fold, too. I was a subscriber of DOM even before accepting a job at CN. Very sad.

  • I’m so bummed to hear this news! I just got a subscription to the magazine as a Christmas gift. Any word on how they’re handling subscriptions? I couldn’t find any info on that. I really don’t get this decision on Conde Nast’s part – I know, ad sales are down, blah blah… but look at their roster of magazines. Domino is the only home mag left at Conde Nast. You mean to tell me they’re still keeping 2 golf magazines? 3 bridal magazines? 2 cooking magazines? I just hope Lucky isn’t next…

  • I too am so sad to see Domino go. I looked forward to receiving the mag more than any other. I feel like it really had something for all styles. I’m hoping that they add a home/design section to Lucky Mag. It seems to be a natural fit and would only help Lucky appeal to more/new advertisers (all things home). Lucky may have a slghtly younger reader, but’s it’s still female with money to spend.
    Grace – put a word in for us with the powers that be at Lucky!!

  • This news makes me so sad. Sure, it wasn’t perfect —it could be too fussy, too spendy, too over-the-top. But, ultimately, it had a lot of heart and experimentation and never lost sight of the fact that design is about improvisation and personal expression, It balanced rules and quirk very well.

    I just bought my first home and Domino totally inspired me to decorate the place. I went to salvage yards. I mixed colors and painted furniture and tweaked things, all because magazines like Domino (and the late, much lamented Blueprint) taught me to follow my instincts and mix things up. I owe them a debt for that. And I’m very sorry to see them go. At least I have my back issues. (Sigh.)

  • Hey all – please join my Facebook group “SAVE DOMINO MAGAZINE!” . There are some great people on there already. Who knows, between this forum and that one, maybe we can make a statement. Ode to Domino.

  • I finally subscribed to Domino in December. I LOVE reading print magazines and am very unhappy to be losing Cottage Living, Country Home and MEHC. Also, I still miss Blueprint and Adorn. A number of years ago I was also sad to see Victoria fold but they have since returned. I wonder is there’s any chance that could happen for these magazines with a big enough outcry. Plus I noticed that MEHC is looking for another publisher so maybe there are other options out there. Just stumbled on your blog tonight. Looks great!

  • I am sooo upset. I just turned my sister on to Domino! Now I will only by British mags because the US mags are uninspired. My Cottage Living was replaced by a complementary subscription to Southern Living. Southern Living??!! That old granny was done years ago. I throw it away half the time without even opening it. Shelter mags are going to continue to go down until they become more like Domino where you can actually “shop” and copy the beauty they display. The younger generation wants that immediate satisfaction, not “available to the trades.”

  • Another victim to the failing economy, yes. But this is also an example of the fact that media have to create a niche area for content that is second to none for reaching advertiser’s intended audience. It is too bad Domino was not able to stay afloat. How can we restructure the old model?

  • How disappointing. Business is business, I suppose, but I really loved this magazine. Each time it came in the mail I felt like I’d been sent a birthday present. It makes me sad that so many of the creative and inspired things I enjoy are being produced mainly as a vehicle for ad revenue. It’s been a long time since magazines ran ads to defray production costs and increase the profit margin from circulation–now they are the reason for having the magazine in the first place. And yet sometimes we still get lucky and a publisher turns out a magazine like Domino. I hope that someday soon another revenue challenge will bring together another editorial group as full of energy and style as we saw with Domino.

  • This so sad/depressing. Domino was my ultimate inspiration guide. I have saved every issue I ever received. They should just publish a full scale pdf type e-zine every month that you can download until the economy shapes back up to save the money on printing. I subscribe to a photography publication like that and although it isn’t as great as print I still love it because of the content.

  • I have been hiding under a rock the past week because I didn’t find out about this until I got an email this morning from Domino.

    It was the only magazine I subscribed to and I just found the premier issue yesterday in a box and smiled and thought how wonderful that was, that I kept that issue. I usually take all of my issues to the hospital and pass along the wonderfulness.

    I’m now petrified that I have given away everything and won’t be able to look any of it up. I suppose all of that wonderful information on their website is going to be closed down as well.

    I have stopped buying magazines, because I wasn’t reading them, but I did read every single page of Domino and held on to them for months, tore out pages that I found especially wonderful, and the sticker sheet for tabbing the pages, was one of my favorite things.

  • I really want to bring back domino.
    What can we do?


    A petition?


    I gave it as so many gifts to try to keep it going.


  • I am very saddened by Domino’s closing…

    Anna Spiro at Absolutely Beautiful Things wrote a heartfelt post about Domino’s closing, & an interesting take on the cost of American magazine subscriptions in general & how heavily reliant they are on advertising:

    something to ponder.

  • I loved their online tool for “my deco file.” If the website is going, I assume it is too. Any suggestions for something similar?

  • Well, it’s obvious from all the other posts that I’m not the only one crying. I’ve received two notices already that my subscriptions to Home Companion (which I loved because they always promoted artists) and Cottage Living are done and now Domino. As an interior designer, I get several different magazines to keep up (except Architectural Digest, which I hate) and Domino was one of my favorites for inspiration! Very sad!!

  • I will CRY!!! i just got my first issue of my subscription yesterday. i didn’t want to believe this, so i logged onto the mags website….AND IT’S TRUE! now i will really cry. it was the greatest mag EVER!!!! as a designer, i read it religiously and couldn’t wait for the new issue to hit the stands fast enough. i am sooooo sad!

  • I cannot comprehend this!! This (and Elle Decor) are my favorite magazines and so many others have just recently closed! I am heartbroken. I was just exhibiting at the NYIGF and I heard lots of rumors about magazines and other wholesale and retail companies. When will it stop?! I will sign a petition anytime!

  • This is so sad.

    I live in Europe and this is the only magazine I always asked people going to the US to bring back with them… :(

  • I adored Domino Magazine. I can’t believe it’s over. I’m am so bummed out about this.
    In my opinion I thought the magazine was perfect.
    Most magazines have a few pages that I tear out and save, but with Domino, way too many pages, so I just saved each and every issue.
    So sad…:(

  • I can’t believe it! I get this magazine, and I had no idea! I absolutely love getting ideas from it:( But, I’m now glad that I have saved every copy that I have ever received, so I can keep getting great ideas!
    You will be surely missed…..

  • I am actually not surprised by Domino shutting down. I am more crushed by Cottage Living shutting down. I thought the trend towards smaller living would help CL but I guess not. People must still want their McMansions.

    On the positive side, I hope new types of magazines will emerge. With topics ranging from green living, reusing furniture, growing your own food and how to shop consignment. Domino sometimes went too high end for the average wage earner. Then again, Elle Decor and still exists.
    go figure.

  • grace-
    this really sucks! but just so you know, i became a follower of you through domino. your opinion and tastes mean a lot to me and to others (i’m sure), so if you could keep up posted on some sort of replacement of such a wonderful magazine that would be awesome. i will really miss my domino every month…

  • First I read Blueprint, but after it was cancelled found Domino which I have loved. Now it’s gone too, but this time I don’t think there is another magazine that could take either of their places.

  • Add it to the list: FOUR of “my” mags have gone under in the past couple of weeks now: Domino plus Cottage Living, Country Home, and M.E. Home Companion. That they are having a hard time during this economy is not surprising. That they are treating their subscribers dispicably (not notifying them, continuing to solicit and accept payment for new subscriptions and renewals, etc.) is, simply, unforgiveable.

  • A tragedy- I loved Domino. The worst part of all is that Conde Nast is keeping Architectural Digest which is the biggest sell-out fuddy duddy old turd of a mag. R.I.P Domino- I will miss your fresh face.

  • I am starting a blog to save domino…join me to help keep Domino alive! Tell your friends, tell your loved ones – tell everyone!

  • THIS IS SO DEVASTATING. Domino felt like it was my magazine, our magazine. It was for anyone I’ve ever known who is kind of amazing but really just a big dork inside. I will really miss you Domino!!

  • This makes me so sad. It’s the only magazine I’ve ever kept all my back issues of. Now I’m glad I did, ’cause it looks like I’ll be revisiting them for old times’ sake!

  • Here’s an interesting article on Domino’s closing that highlights the strong fan base of the magazine and includes a reference to Design*Sponge (and all of our comments)! I’m still hoping Domino will somehow come back . . .

  • I’m super bummed that Domino mag is closing–I look forward to getting each issue, and I frequently re-read old issues (I’ve saved them all). Can we contact Conde Nast and let them know what a strong reader base they’re losing?

  • I just read the NY Times article on the blog reaction to Domino’s folding. I don’t get this age thing – the word ‘young’ used a zillion times to describe Domino’s readership – surely I can’t be the only 58 year old who is (was) more Domino than Arch Digest? I have an old-house real estate/design blog that’s not even two months old yet – I published a sad rant when I heard the news, called “Now Domino is Falling” – and one two weeks earlier, “Goodbye Cottage Living,” in which I poured out my pain….truly, I never subscribed to either magazine because I just couldn’t wait to receive them in the mail, if there was any chance I could find them on a newsstand a day or two sooner.
    Like my younger cohorts, I am devastated!

  • it’s just not the same….clipping jpgs on the web and putting them into little digital folders. What am I supposed to do…run around shopping for home design stuff with my laptop?

  • I was holding out hope the past week or two that maybe someone would bail them out…the reality has set in and I am so lost without Domino. There is nothing like it and I feel like nothing can fill its void. Isn’t there something we can do?

  • Advertisers do not know what they are missing. The paid subscriptions were over 1 million. Any company that would be willing to pay big for advertising to bring back this magazine would have a million loyal customers. BRING BACK MY DOMINO!!!

  • I am soooo bummed about Domino magazine. Maybe this is unrealistic but I would have paid double for the subscription and I bet there are a lot of people out there who would do the same! On to ebay to buy back issues- unfortunately just took which was interest at the moment and threw the rest away— ny apartments and storage !

  • Your blog is the future of shelter magazines for the demographic you described. Print magazines are evolving and online is the future.

  • I received my last issue of Domino today. I just can’t believe this is it.

    I keep thinking about all of the boring mags out there that aren’t going under. This is going to leave a huge void. There’s no replacement for Domino. Not even remotely.

  • I found a link to your post from The Paris Apartment and also follow your wonderful blog too. I just wanted to add to your post about Domino and say that the magazine will be sadly missed. It was truly unique amongst all the other interior design magazines.

  • I’ll miss Domino, Blueprint and Cottage Living. I recently scoured the home decor mags still on newsstands and don’t see anything interesting. I like blogs and all, but there’s nothing like cozying up with a good magazine and glass of wine to make me feel inspired.

    Starved for insipiration I toured local art galleries and a tiny boutique paper store. Is blogging and Etsy our future? Must we fend for ourselves somehow??

  • I am really, really sad about the demise of Domino. It was my absolute favourite magazine. Does anybody know where I can get back issues?

  • I, too, wonder what will happen to the demographic that Domino and Blueprint serve. I am 30, and the more mainstream decorating mags showcase products that I do not prefer or simply cannot afford. Sigh. This economy is brutal. MARIANNE-you can order back issues on Domino’s website, but they cost about $9 each.

  • Oops! Forgot to mention: Domino’s website will also be shut down, so if there are inspirational pix that you need, I’d recommend printing them out now; you may not be able to access that information in the future.

  • I am really, really sad about the demise of Domino. It was my absolute favourite magazine. Finding a job in this downturn is not easy unless you have hidden talents!

  • I know it’s months after, but am I the only one who is still looking for something, anything, to fill the Domino void? I just started subscribing in summer of 2007, and it was one of my favorite things to receive in the box from home when I was dorm-living. I’d actually downsize some of the things in the mag for my little cinderblock dormroom, just to make it better. And now there’s nothing. *Sigh* This whole shut-it-all-down thing has been sad, even months after.

  • I just stumbled on this and wanted to say that I was also sad to see Domino close it’s doors. I’m in my forties, probably not their demo but to me the magazine was about creativity. The home and apartments were not overly styled and uptight. I loved that. Thank G-d for Design*Sponge because like Domino it’s also creative and features real people in real settings.

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